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Cookie banners you need to make your site fully compliant

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Find the right cookie banner for your site! Make your website fully compliant with all this banners.

Global cookie regulations are always changing, asking companies to use more clear and privacy-friendly methods. In this article, we’ll check out three cookie banners from Illow. These banners not only help your website follow worldwide rules but also make browsing better for your visitors.

GDPR Style

This banner is created based on one of the strongest regulations, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This law is one of the main ones in the world of cookie privacy, which is why many regions and countries around the world relied on its principles to develop their regulations. Therefore, this cookie banner not only complies, of course, with the GDPR regulation but also with many others that you can see below:


US Opt-out Notice

While this banner has been designed based on the California regulation (CCPA), it is not the only place where it can be implemented and would comply with a regulation. Unlike other regulations, this banner has the characteristic of not requiring explicit consent, but it does offer the customer an option to explicitly opt out of data selling. Therefore, it is an opt-out banner.

This banner can also be applied in the following regions:


illow’s GLOBAL Banner

This banner was developed by illow to provide a compliance option for all those regions where either their laws are not clear, or they are diverse, or they differ from specifics such as in the case of GDPR and other stricter regulations. With this banner, illow has managed to be compliant with many regulations, including:

Banner requirements

Make your site Fully Compliant with illow!

At illow, we understand the complexities of complying with global Data-Privacy regulations. Our cookies consent solution ensures effortless compliance. With illow achieving compliance is just a click away you! Don’t you think it could be that easy? Start our 10 days FREE TRIAL and find out!