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How is data collected and used by companies?

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Data collected by companies increases day by day and it's then multiplied everywhere. How does this work and how can a company make it privacy compliant?

Data collected by companies increases day by day and it’s then multiplied everywhere. They collect it from different private data entries, a form on their page or a signup process, fields in their platforms, and mobile Apps.

This data is copied, multiplied, and distributed to different areas of the company, marketing, sales, and HR, to name a few. Each of these areas connects and shares this information with third-party apps.

Monitoring, controlling, and managing this information is a significant pain point for companies, especially when they receive personal data deletion requests through their sites or from mandatory buttons in their apps.

Luckily, some solutions allow for automating data requests and removal, the first with custom forms that even allow for automated identity verification, traceability, and expediting the removal.

As per removing the data, it starts getting out of hand when this information goes to dozens of third-party apps used by each area inside the company. Marketing might use this data in MailChimp for their email campaigns, sales might use it in a CRM such as SalesForce, and HR probably has a hiring portal storing names, emails, and other PII from potential candidates.

With thousands of requests flooding data teams, a platform that automatically connects the input sources of this information with hundreds of apps is key to avoiding fines and negative customer experience scores.

If this rings a bell in your workflow, we’d love to show you how to set up input sources such as a form, configure triggers and automate the removal of thousands of records with an easy-to-use data removal platform.

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