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Meeting Google’s requirements for serving ads in EEA and UK

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Building a website with valuable content for visitors has never been an easy task. Depending on revenue coming from ads has always been even harder. Now add privacy regulations to the mix and it becomes a living hell for publishers.

It is true, as visitors we want a transparent, privacy-aware ecosystem where our choices count, but at the same time we still want to access that valuable content many publishers provide.

Luckily, ever since 2020, Google has been posting new requirements for websites to meet in order to display ads in a privacy-compliant way by leveraging IAB’s TCF v2.2. This brings a new balance in which ads and transparent and safe navigation can co-exist.

However, this made serving ads way too technical. So, as a publisher, how can you accomplish this without losing focus on creating content? Well, let’s see!

Google’s requirements

In order to serve ads in EEA and UK, Google requires you to use a Consent Management Provider (CMP) that:

Once you start using a CMP with these characteristics, you will see that your ads will not be displayed until the user gives an explicit consent through its notice.

So, using a CMP focused on optimizing the gathering of consents is critical for your business.

illow: The CMP that optimizes consents

At illow we build plug-and-play tools to make websites privacy-compliant. This means that it is our job to provide you with an easy-to-use platform and an easy-to-integrate widget that meet the requirements from big companies and all current and upcoming privacy regulations.

Want to use all kinds of third-party tools and scripts?

Add your domain to your illow account, copy and paste one line of code and you are good to go.

Want to serve ads in your website to visitors all around the globe?

Click on our “Enable IAB TCF V2.2 and Google Additional Consent mode” switch and that’s it!

illow will detect where the visitor comes from and show the right notice that matches the requirements in place but also maximizes the chances to gather the consent needed.

Serve ads now, pay later

Integrating illow is a five-minutes job and it’s free during the first 10 days. Go ahead, create an account, try it for yourself, serve ads today and see the results immediately.

But don’t forget to send us feedback, we want to hear from you!

Happy publishing!