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Philippines (DPA): How to make your site DPA Compliant

🇵🇭 Privacy regulation

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Philippines 2012 DPA. if you want to be sure that your site is DPA Protected, find the detailed solution here!

2012 Data Privacy Act – RP 🇵🇭

Understanding cookies and their role in online browsing is crucial for safeguarding your privacy. Cookies, small text files dropped by websites onto your device, serve important functions but also have implications for data collection. To address privacy concerns, global regulations such as the 2012 Data Privacy Act (DPA) have been implemented. Prioritizing data protection is essential in today’s digital landscape.

What are Cookies?

Cookies act as small text files that websites store on your device during online exploration. Processed and stored by your web browser, cookies play essential roles in website functionality. However, it’s important to recognize their potential to store significant data that could identify you without your consent. Consequently, various regulations worldwide focus on protecting our data and privacy.

2012 DPA & Cookies

Regarding the use of cookies, the NPC also addressed whether it is necessary to display pop-ups providing information about them if it’s already covered in the privacy policy. Advisory Opinion 47 emphasizes that personal information controllers or processors can decide whether to display such pop-ups. Furthermore, Advisory Opinion 47 highlights that controllers and processors are in the best position to determine the most suitable mechanisms to demonstrate transparency based on their unique circumstances.

While not mandatory, pop-ups like consent banners can serve as an immediate notification for users interested in the use of cookies. Even though there is currently no obligation, it’s important to follow best practices in data privacy. Therefore, at illow, we recommend having an active banner with the following features to ensure transparency and user awareness:

  • Include a Button to Reject Cookies: Although it does not specifically clarify a button as in other cases, we must provide an opt-out option that “takes effect immediately and is consistent.”
  • Link to the Website’s Cookie Policy: Provide a link to the comprehensive cookie policy, including a list of all cookies in use.
  • Do Not Sell Button: Include a prominent “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link or button on the homepage for users to opt-out of personalized advertisements.

Be compliant with illow!

At illow, we understand the complexities of complying with global Data-Privacy regulations. Our cookies consent solution ensures effortless compliance.

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