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eBook: Cookies 101:

Making my website compliant in 2024

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A Comprehensive Guide to Cookie Compliance

Navigate the Evolving Landscape of Privacy Regulations with our Free Ebook - "Cookies 101: Making my website compliant in 2024"

As the digital landscape evolves, so do privacy regulations. Discover the essential insights to make your website compliant in 2024 with our comprehensive guide, "Cookies 101."

eBook: Cookies 101: Making my website compliant in 2024

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What's Included in the Guide?

Understanding Cookies

Definition: Explore the significance of cookies and their role in user interactions. Types: Distinguish between session, persistent, first-party, and third-party cookies.

Google's Cookie Deprecation:

-Clarification: Debunk the myth that cookies are dying; Google Chrome is deprecating only third-party cookies.
-User Data Collection: Highlight the continuing importance of collecting and using personal data through first-party cookies.

Scan Your Website:

-Importance: Assess the necessity of scanning your website for cookies.
-Tool Offer: Introduce "illow," a free cookie scanner for a detailed analysis of your website's cookie landscape.

Cookie Banner Necessity:

-Compliance Requirement: Emphasize the need for a Cookie Consent Banner despite impending third-party cookie blocking.
-Regional Adaptation: Introduce illow's dynamic banner system tailored to different global privacy regulations.

Google's Requirements and Compliance:

-Overview: Summarize Google's changes, requiring websites to use a Certified Consent Management Platform (CMP).
-illow's Certification: Highlight illow as a Google-certified CMP for immediate compliance.

Making Third-Party Tools Privacy Compliant:

-Definition: Explain third-party tools and their potential privacy compliance issues.
-Solution: Showcase how illow ensures compliance by enabling third-party tools only after user consent.

Embedding YouTube Videos and GDPR:

-Challenge: Address the GDPR infringement concerns related to embedding YouTube videos.
-illow's Solution: Showcase how illow resolves GDPR issues with a single switch.

California's Opt-Out Requirement:

-Unique Regulation: Highlight California's opt-out approach instead of opt-in for privacy choices.
-illow's Adaptation: Showcase how illow caters to California regulations with a customizable banner.

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