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Automate Data Deletion.

Users now have the right to ask companies to delete their data, and companies must comply.

Save 80% of your tech team time and simplify how you manage data-privacy.

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Your user's rights

They can and will enforce their rights to ask for data deletion for the personal information you collected from them.

Big Tech

Users have privacy rights from data regulations but also Big tech new privacy standards.


Privacy-compliant solutions, such as most consent management platforms, are created based on regulations.

Third-Party Apps

Companies must also delete data not only from all the third party apps that they use.

Connect & Automate

Data deletion of +500 third-party apps. On any server.

Configure Triggers

From request forms or delete info buttons from Apps.

Dashboard & Notifications

Send automatic notifications for open processes and monitor everything from your dashboard.

Data Sources Configuration

But first, how does it work?

Home Data Deletion

First, easily set it up.

Set up how you receive data deletion requests, our form, a button in your App, or our API.

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Then, sync and automate.

Now sync your data sources with the 3rd party app that are using the data you need to delete. You can also add a custom API option to easily integrate any tool.

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